Posted by: themeditationmind | May 6, 2009

Video Blog – Mandalas can be used at work to reduce stress

One way to reduce stress at work is through the use of mandalas. Mandalas are a tool from many ages ago that can be used to relax and de-stress. With technology today you can watch a mandala on your screen while at work to get a quick mental break.

When I first heard about mandalas, they didn’t excite me. They were referred to as sacred geometry. When I hear terms like this, sometimes my mind shuts down. This is a limitation I need to work on, but the fact remains, what could be sacred about an isosceles triangle?

Fortunately I was able to realize I was casting judgement way too soon. I put in a mandala dvd and started watching the screen. Extremely intricate shapes and patterns slowly morphed and changed into new patterns and structures. Almost 5 minutes passed without me realizing my mind chatter had stopped and I was just gazing into my computer screen quite calmly.

I don’t think these will be for everyone, but you are not going to know unless you try.

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