Posted by: themeditationmind | June 6, 2009

Guided Imagery Meditation Checklist

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the difference. The guided meditation checklist below has some pointers on things you might not have associated with having a good meditation. As someone who meditates every day and has meditated at least a thousand times, I can attest that there is great variability in the quality of my meditations. I am sure I have violated one or more of the items on this list and it didn’t help the cause.

Guided Imagery Meditation Checklist by Olivia Middlebrook
Meditation is easy to learn and can complement any of your existing detox and self help programs, it is perfect for those who want more balance, harmony, patience and happiness in life. The healing effects of meditation are well documented in the medical literature. In the past, meditation was considered part of the new age movement. Back then, mainstream physicians didn’t give much thought about it as a form of healing. Over the past two decades things had changed so much that nowadays most physicians would accept meditation as one of the alternative therapy techniques.

Once you decided to try meditation, there are things you can do to dramatically improve your experience. Here are 7 tips you can use to make your meditation journey perfect.

1. Look at beautiful pictures of nature before you start
Before meditating, visit photo sharing websites such as to search for photos of mountains, creeks, beaches, forests and gardens. You will notice the calming effects of nature by simply staring at these pictures for a few minutes as you prepare to wind down.

2. Turn off your cell phone
This may seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t turn off their cell phones during meditation. By ensuring that your cell phone is turned off during your meditation, you can feel secured that you have total control over your time and not get distracted by marketers.

3. Cut down on heavy meals
Replace oily and fatty food with healthy and fresh meals. Green tea, sushi and rice noodles are great alternatives. If you crave snacks, make sure you choose nutritious nuts and biscuits instead of high calorie cakes and fast food. Having a supersized double cheese burger meal before meditation is a big no-no.

4. Set aside any expectations
Even if you use the same guided imagery meditation CD or track over and over, it may lead you to a different place each time your close your eyes and follow the voice. You can know for sure that physicians and scientists have already found the link between mediation and better emotional regulation, so don’t distract yourself by overthinking “is this going to work for me?” while you try to quiet down. Instead, you should focus on either your breathing or following the “voice” that guides you.

5. Dim the lights
For advanced meditators who have years of experience in meditating, they can enter into meditative states anywhere. For beginners, it is easier to concentrate and let go of thoughts in the dark. Dawn to dusk light is perfect.
6. Find the right meditation program

If you decide to try guided meditation by buying a CD or a enrolling in an online meditation class, make sure you listen to the free samples first. If you don’t like the guiding voice, don’t bother purchasing the CD or downloading the MP3 as it is almost impossible to quiet down if you find the voice irritating. While there are many free guided meditation mp3 podcasts out there, the quality also varies a lot. Some are professionally produced, others are created by amateurs who have hoarse, loud voices that distract you from completely relaxing.

7. Use good quality candles and air care products
Using high quality aroma oils and scented candles can help your tense muscles relax. On the other hand, burning low quality scented candles may release toxic chemicals and cause distractions and discomfort. Make sure you choose your candles and aroma oils carefully.

You can dramatically improve the quality of meditation by following these tips. Meditation is an ancient relaxation practice that is not only effective but also free. Remember, health, self esteem and happiness are the biggest gifts you can give yourself, they are God’s gifts to us and they are also accessible at any moment. So be generous, give yourself all the attention and love you deserve by sleeping well and meditating often

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