Posted by: themeditationmind | January 4, 2010

2010 Goals

There are a number of attitudes, processes, and actions that are needed for goal achievement. One effective strategy is to declare your goals publicly. This is not a necessary step but it helps.

Creating an action plan to achieve those goals is a good way to help your mind allow a goal to happen. In the past, after creating an action plan, I focused on the actions. But I have learned I need to stay focused on the end result and not the actions I am performing to get there.

Here are the goals and high-level actions for my meditation business in 2010:

  1. Hosting sold-out meditation workshops – My current action plan for this goal:
    1. Getting certified to give Outreach workshops at The Monroe Institute.
    2. Partnering with a downtown Chicago location
    3. Promoting in local new-age magazines
    4. Promoting online with SEO-optimize pages around chicago meditation phrases
    5. Joining local Toastmasters group to improve public speaking
  2. Sold book proposal – My current action plan for this goal:
    1. Read book proposal books to gain structure insights
    2. Study successful book proposals
    3. Create my book proposal
    4. Solicit help from my self-help industry contacts
    5. Pitch proposal to leading self-help publishers
  3. A Course In Miracles Lessons and Blog – Actions:
    1. Carry around lesson cards and practice every morning
    2. Blog about lesson practice at
  4. Manifestation with Meditation Study – Actions:
    1. Partner with quality sound engineer
    2. Develop protocols
    3. Write-up study
    4. Tape MP3s based on protocols
    5. Study website
    6. Recruit participants
  5. Meditation CD sold on – Actions:
    1. Partner with sound engineer
    2. Create scripts
    3. Record vocals
    4. Have sound and binaural beats added
    5. Create CDs
    6. List on Amazon
  6. Over $50k/month net income from business – Actions:
    1. Host meditation workshops
    2. Create meditation info products
    3. Write for other high-traffic blogs
    4. Increase SEO efforts with hired specialty firm
    5. Adwords
    6. Segmented promotions
  7. Teach meditation to prisoners – actions:
    1. Get certified at Monroe institute
    2. Get tips and feedback from people working with prisoners
    3. Find a local prison to work with

It is going to be a VERY fun and exciting year!!


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  2. Sounds to me like a good plan. work it.

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